We focus on the natural resources available and design a geothermal system  that fits mother natures surroundings. Designing the most energy efficient geothermal ground or hybrid system. We know there is no one size fits all, our geothermal designed solutions are tailored to your geographic regional location allowing you to maximize its full potential. A design that delivers energy saving heating & air conditioning, radiant floor, and hot water system.

We are different than most Geothermal design companies, we do not own an installation company. We provide you the best economical energy saving solution. With our proven design plans and knowledge you can move forward to do it yourself, all or in part, and/or contact several geothermal installers, this approach allows you to get the best price. We do have a list of geothermal installers you can call if you wish.

Geothermal Designs offers full range of geothermal system solutions. While our main focus is designing geothermal systems for residential or commercial applications, we also design retrofit HVAC systems and design solutions for geothermal ground loop systems that are no longer cooling effectively. 

Our team of geothermal consultants, engineers, and project designers offer innovative system designs by utilizing the natural resources available to create the most energy efficient systems.

We understand Mother Nature’s way of delivering this natural energy saving resource for most homes and businesses throughout the USA. This is not a one size fits all. There are several facts to consider, geography located, soil, seasonal climate, and other resources available. Our solution is tailored for your location, delivering the most economical energy efficient design.

We take pride in designing geothermal systems. It is said, “Geothermal systems have a relatively high initial cost”, but with today’s technology being applied this is becoming a myth. Due to the ever rising cost of energy, geothermal systems have not only proven to pay for its self, the systems latest components have ground loop warranties up to 50 years. This far exceeds any conventional HVAC system and by utilizing a geothermal solution you are reducing your carbon footprint, thinking green.

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